Drodzy! Jeśli chcielibyście podarować swoim bliskim unikatowy i osobisty prezent, nie odkładajcie tego na ostatnią chwilę. Miejcie na uwadze, że niepowtarzalne, ręcznie tworzone, bliskie sercu przedmioty wymagają czasu. ;)


The history of jewellery from a child's drawing 


I think I value simple stories the most in my life. And one such special one, made me here ... where I am. Several years have passed since then, and I still remember everything very clearly. We sat at the family's lazy Saturday breakfast. My wife and I finished our coffee and neither of us wanted to get up from the table yet. We enjoyed the moment. We were looking at our 4-year-old son who was drawing something with focus. He did not reveal what. We smiled knowingly at each other, because we knew that it would be another drawing in the series entitled: "Mama". We already had several dozen ... This one, however, turned out to be different. It was also a mother, but with details that made up a very realistic picture of my wife. I saw that she was moved. And I knew that it would be one of those drawings that we will remember for a long time ... It was the beginning of my adventure with jewelry from children's drawings. I remember my wife's tears of emotion when I put a pendant with her image around her neck, drawn by my son. We realized then that there were moments in life that we would like them to stay with us forever. And this is also confirmed by our customers who want to save their memories, especially important to them, in a piece of silver. I like reading stories that people share with me. I see feelings, emotions and love in them. It gives me energy to work. Since 2016, I have been creating jewelry from children's drawings. This is a big change in my professional life (previously I designed large building structures - I am a civil engineer by education). I do not regret it. I have hundreds of different forms of jewelry on my account. From pendants to earrings to rings to cufflinks. A whole lot of different stories, pictures, life memorabilia. They are all made with great precision, because I know how important the smallest detail is for a child. A detail that builds a memory. I also see the therapeutic power of this jewelry :). It has a magical power that engages the whole family around the gift. Of course, the most important role is played by kids strongly appreciated by the new role of jewelry designer. And I know this from my parents who share their observations with me. I am glad that my jewelry not only brings you closer, improves your mood and brings back good memories. It also influences the self-esteem of little designers who are proud that their parents can carry their drawing with them all the time. There are many occasions to donate such personalized, unique and one-of-a-kind jewelery. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, wedding, birthday, Communion ... But more and more often I notice that people just want to collect memories just like that, record them and feel that you have something special. Something that came out of the hand of the greatest wonder of the world, which is a child. "The daughter was also delighted that her mother wears her drawing, and when her husband called her a designer - it is a joy at home ... Also for someone it is a gilded necklace, and for us it is so much joy, memories and a lot of positive feelings." 

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